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 Minecraft Millénaire Mod

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Anmeldedatum : 15.10.11
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BeitragThema: Minecraft Millénaire Mod   Sa Okt 15, 2011 10:53 pm

Current version: 1.7.2

Provide feedback to me on Millénaire: Google Survey

Millénaire is a single-player mod for Minecraft. It aims to fill the
"emptyness" of single-player worlds by adding NPC villages to it, with
loose 11th-century Norman, North Indian and Mayans themes and additional
cultures planned.

Villages are populated with men, women and children of various kinds,
who perform tasks such as trading with the player, expending current
buildings or improving existing ones, cultivating crops such as wheat in
Norman villages and rice in Indian ones, crafting tools and powerful
amulets, etc. As the village expends, the number of villagers increases
as couples have children who grow up into new adults.

Help villages grow by trading with them and be rewarded with unique
items such as Normand and Indian food or statues and tapestries to
decorate your house with. And if they start liking you enough, they
might even build you a house of your own.

Millénaire is available in the following languages:
French, English, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Swedish,
Dutch, Portuguese and Slovenian (more coming!)

Download Millénaire on

For more information, including a FAQ, known compatibility with other
mods, and common install issues, you can check the Millénaire Wiki:

Beta Millénaire Library of user-created content to extend the mod:

Millénaire Library

Advanced Indian village

Mayan agricultural village


1.7.2 - 14/10/11
- The "resource" signs in the Town Hall now displays a full list of
resources needed for the selected project when right-clicked (useful
when there are more than the six visible on the signs)
- If more than six resources are needed for a project, it will be indicated on the signs

1.7.1 - 13/10/11
- Quest list: pressing 'M' will now display a list of quests in
progress, with the time left to complete them and directions to the
- The keys used to display the village list and the quest list can now be configured to something else than V and L
- Added a system to limit some quests to once per villager concerned
- Fixed several bugs in the quest system
- Up-to-date French translation of the quests by Nikoleis

1.7 - 12/10/11
- Quests: Millénaire now includes support for simple quests. Villagers
with a quest to offer will display it below their name. Right-click on
them to show a panel with the details.
* Quests are specific to a villager's type
* They can involve villages or lone buildings
* Their availability depends on your reputation level
* Rewards can include money, items and reputation
* Currently, all quests involve giving or carrying goods between villagers. More diverse actions will be added later.
* An exemple custom quest with explanations is provided in millenaire-custom for people wanting to make some
- Masa and wah (the Mayan foods) now heal instantly like the other Millénaire food, to make them more useful

Note pour les francophones:
je n'ai pas eu le temps de traduire toutes les quêtes. Si quelqu'un
veut le faire, il est le bienvenu. Les textes sont dans

1.6.9 - 08/10/11
- Villages now become active again when the player is closer than the
active radius minus 50 (to avoid villages switching from active/inactive
when the player is at the border)
- The change above should fix the "villager multiplication bug" in most cases
- Fixes to the Mayan chicken farm

1.6.8 - 06/10/11
- Culture-wide reputation: actions that benefits or harm a village (or
lone building) now affects your reputation to a lesser extent with other
villages or buildings of the same culture. This effect is capped (you
cannot be more than favorite trader nor reach public enemy status from
it). Fighting "hostile" NPCs in lone buildings does not affect your
- Fixed bugs in starting sub-buildings that affected the imagination pack
- Fixed bug where Mayan villages did not sell their parchments
- Other minor fixes to trade with the Mayans
- Fixed bug where sandstone was not delivery to the Town Halls in Indian village
- The desert outpost now has a guard and a lot less diamonds

1.6.7 - 03/10/11
- Three new Mayan lone buildings
- Many tweaks to Mayan designs, such as stone bricks for the Great Pyramid
- Mayan queens now sell
- Fixed bugs in some Mayan buildings that made them difficult for NPCs to complete
- Fixed a bug where Minecraft would crash in some cases due to pathing issue, without anything logged in millenaire.log

1.6.6 - 01/10/11
- Mayan villages no longer spawn in forests as that made them far too common compared to Norman and Hindi ones
- Fixed missing prices for some goods sold by the herbalist and the weapon merchant which caused crash
- Missing prices for merchants' goods will now cause a warning in the log instead of crashing the game
- Fixed bug where short-form directions (i.e. "NE", "SW") were displayed using the old reference system

1.6.5 - 30/09/11
- All the Norman buildings now use glass panes instead of glass blocks
- Added a warning system in the log for severe pathing lag spikes, to help solve them
- Slowed the speed at which trees regrows in groves
- Fixed bug in the detection of wrong paths that could cause NPCs to get stuck and cause lag spikes
- Fixed bug where villagers would sometime "teleport" deep underground when stuck
- Fixed bug where saplings in groves would sometime "grow" into a single wood block
- Fixed bug where the Gros Bourg would build a grove despite having no lumbermen

1.6.4 - 29/09/11
- Improved goal-management system to reduce lag when villagers have nothing to do
- Increased the range of builders to compensate for changes in the pathing system
- Possible fix for the lumberman leaving stumps behind
- Added several blocks to the list available for building makers
- Fixed bug where villagers would take too many goods from the Town Hall for some purposes

1.6.3 - 27/09/11
- Improved the threading of terrain update to lessen lag spikes
- Stone tool crafter for Mayan villages
- New Indian lone building in deserts
- Fixed a bug where a building could be built close enough to a "forbidden" area (yellow on map) to remove a layer of it
- Fixed a bug preventing the generation of Mayan villages
- French Mayan parchments translation by Nikoleis

1.6.2 - 26/09/11
- New lone buildings, including Norman and Mayan outlaws' dens whose inhabitants will attack on sight
- Rebuilding the pathing map now happens only at night
- Improved the performance of the map
-rebuilding code
- Fixed bug where building names from the fallback language would take precedence over those of the primary language

1.6.1 - 25/09/11
- Villagers killed by the player no longer respawn (direct kill only, i.e. not with lava or water)
- Chests in villages or lone buildings with no surviving male adult are now unlocked
- Locked chests no longer release their content when destroyed
- Villagers will no longer trade with a player whose reputation has reached "Public enemy" level
- Killing adult male villagers now gives experience (varying with how strong the villager is)
- Some lone buildings now start with objects in their chests
- New Mayan lone buildings by MinerMiah
- New Indian and Norman lone buildings
- Fixed bug where indian women would not bring sandstone from the miner to the Town Hall
- Fixed bug where some lone buildings would be built within regular villages
- Fixed bug where trying to buy sugar cane from the oriental merchant would crash the game

1.6 - 23/09/11
- "Lone buildings": optional buildings that spawn in the wilderness, outside any villages.
* They are intended to provide a little more variety in Minecraft's 1.8 large biomes
* They provide limited trading possibilities
* They do not appear in the 'V' listing
* Currently, only a few implemented, all in the Norman culture, but more are planned
- A building can now have one or more adult male, one or more adult female, or one of each.
- Abbeys are now headed by an Abbot, while the Monk is still in charge of making books
- Fixed a major bug where the construction of a sub-building would crash the game
- Fixed a bug in the display of translations of villagers' occupations in panels

1.5.1 - 21/09/11
- Endermen are now killed when they get too close to a village, like creepers
- Cattle farmers now collect raw beef and sell it. Tripes are now made from it as well.
- Fixed bug preventing custom buying/selling goods in villages (such as
colored wool purchase in the forts or timber frames in hamlets)
- Fixed bug preventing the production of calva, boudin and tripes
- Fixed bug where apples were no longer collected
- Other fixes

1.5 - 20/09/11
- New culture: the Mayans by MinerMiah
* Forty Mayan buildings in three types of villages
* Nineteen types of villagers
* New "gold ornament" block
* New maize crop and two Mayan-only food items
- Updated biome setup for 1.8. Valid biomes are now set at the village
type level (instead of culture). Villages no longer appear in forests
and tundra.

1.4.6 - 19/09/11
- Added support for stone bricks and bricks and stone bricks staircases and slabs
- Reworked several Norman buildings to use stone bricks
- Swapped the custom Millénaire chicken meat for the standard raw chicken
- Fixed a 1.8 bug where Indian women were no longer animated
- Fixed a 1.8 bug where the game would crash when villagers walked on locked chests or beds
- Fixed a 1.8 bug where the game would crash when shift-clicking goods in your inventory while trading
- Fixed a crashing bug when handling cloned villagers
- Fixed a bug where the village wand was not available for purchase
- Fixed bug in the abbey's layout where the cloister upgrade would be built twice

1.4.5 - 18/09/11
- Compatibility with Minecraft 1.8.1

1.4.4b - 18/09/11
- Fixed a bug where children would sometime keep playing instead of moving in to become adults

1.4.4 - 17/09/11
- The name of villager types are now in a culture-specific file (to
enable custom cultures to name them without needing to change
- Fixed a bug where village women would sometime get stuck delivering goods to the Town Hall

1.4.3 - 14/09/11
- "Regular" saplings should almost never grow into large trees in groves
- Fixed bug in Bourg Autonome where the fort would not buy the light grey, grey, brown and black wool needed for tapestries
- Fixed some bugs in the item deliveries by villagers

1.4.2 - 13/09/11
- Fixed bug where underground caves with pure stone or sandstone ceilings could cause ground to be considered unbuildable
- Rotated the village map to match the map items (i.e. Millénaire now
considers "North" to be where the sun rises, like Mojang does)
- Directions given by the 'v' command are also updated to match the change in "north"
- Children are now displayed in yellow on the village map
- The list of goods taken by villagers to the Town Hall is now modifiable

1.4.1 - 12/09/11
- List of goods villagers can handle now available for modders
- Fixed bug where shops in Indian villages from before 1.4 would no longer buy or sale anything
- Fixed bug where Indian peasants would not bring back bricks home
- Likely fix for a bug when attempting to create a village at high altitude

1.4 - 11/09/11
- This release is experimental. Due to the big reworks of many core
areas, bugs are likely. I recommend backing up your old world before
- "Generic NPCs": NPCs are now defined in text files, similarly to
village types. This big overhaul of Millénaire has the following
* New "official" cultures will be much easier to add
* Custom cultures by players can now include custom NPCs (though limited to actions already coded)
* Somewhat better performance, as Minecraft now keeps track of one mob type instead of a dozen per culture
* NPCs from old saves will disappear and be recreated the first time the world is loaded in 1.4
- Tradable goods, shops and prices are now all defined in text files for easier modding
- Villages and villagers' names are now loaded from text files, so they can be customised for new cultures
- Reorganised millenaire-custom to allow for entire cultures to be defined there
- Fixed bug where children would instantly swap in and out of playing
- Many fixes and tweaks

For older releases, check the wiki page: Millénaire Updates

Type of villagers

There are currently seven types of villagers:
- Farmers, who grow crops in the fields around their house, and bring the resulting wheat back to their house chest.
- Lumbermen, who chop trees, plant new trees with saplings they get from
destroying leaves, and gather cider apples from leaves as well. They
put the wood and apples they gather in their house chests.
- Wives, who have the most complex work: taking resources from their
husbands' work to the various public buildings, making bread from wheat,
making cider from cider apples, trading with the player and building
new constructions.
- Children, born at night, and which grow up to become adults when bread is available and new houses are built.
- Guards that patrol the village
- Priests that visit the church (and the tavern...)
- Smiths, which makes Norman tools in the forge

Expansion of the village

The main "aim" of the villagers is to improve their village. There are
six initial villagers, but their number will grow as they have children
and build new houses. They can also build new types of buildings and
improve existing ones. For this they need building materials: wood,
cobblestone, glass and stone. The first they can get themselves, the
rest only through trade with the player. A complete village currently
includes a bakery, a tavern, a church, fountains, a presbytery, a guard
tower and an (ugly) castle, plus custom buildings if advanced.

Advanced village, with almost all the default buildings as of 0.4.5

Inside a Hindu temple

Trade with the player

There are three locations at which the player can trade with the
villagers: their Town Hall, the bakery and the tavern (when built):
- Town Hall (present at start): you can sell wood, stone, cobblestone,
iron and glass (plus extra blocks at time). Payment made in deniers, a
special item. You can also buy wood there, and the "village wand".
- Bakery (when built, requires only wood, so normally they can do it without help): buy bread.
- Tavern (when built, requires glass, so only after you've sold enough
to the villagers): buy cider and in upgrade taverns calva. Cider and
calva can be used multiple times and give back health.

To trade, go to one of the locations in question and stand near the
chests. If no woman is around one will arrive shortly. Right-click on
her to bring up the trade screen.

Hold the left shift key while clicking on a trade good in the trade
screen to trade 8 by 8 or the left control key to trade 64 by 64.

Finding a village

Since 0.1.4, the easiest way to find a village is to press the V key. If
a village is nearby, it will display its name, the distance to it and
the general direction. Most new worlds should have villages near the
spawn point. If you can't find one at all, check in the world with the
seed b. If there are none there, there is an issue with the mod install.

Creating a new village: the Village Wand

With enough deniers, you can buy a "village wand" from the Town Hall of a
village. When used on a obsidian block, it will attempt to generate a
new village around the block. Warning: using a village wand is
dangerous, as the village can end up being built on top of you, killing
you if the ground level goes up. Don't use it you can't afford a


Check the FAQ page on the Millénaire wiki:

- MinerMiah for the Mayan culture (including skins)
- SMP for all the Indian skins. Great and fast job! Check also his texture pack that includes a full reskinning of Minecraft itself, Millénaire, and many other mods as well!
- johnlmonkey, Razulra, cubex3 and TheDoctorMouse for skins
- Nandonalt and karahan : some buildings
- joeyjam: icons for the Norman armour
- minami26: graphics for the Norman armour and icons for the Norman tools
- The MCP team, without whose work I would not have attempted this mod
- The #risucraft and #mcp-modding channels, and specifically _303, ZeuX
and ProfMobius, for saving me a lot of time with timely help
- MineColony and Builders, for inspiration and useful examples of modding Minecraft

Help Wanted

- There is a lot of content to fill up in the Millénaire Wiki, feel free to help:
- Female and children sounds
- It would be very useful if people who have been playing for a while
could post detailed accounts of how they play Millénaire, what they
like/don't like, what their goals are when playing, etc. I need more
comprehensive feedback, not just small reactions to individual features.
- People with experience in working with MediaWiki
(particularly setting up extensions ect.) would be very useful, PM me if
that is your case

Making new cultures

Since Millénaire 1.4, the bulk of a new culture can be made without code
(not just buildings and village types like before, but new NPCs as
well). As such I'm interested in player-made cultures to integrate in
the main game, provided they fit the general theme of Millénaire of
"real" cultures from around the 11th century. Players interested in
producing one for Millénaire should PM-me about it. If we agree on the
idea, I'll provide support in the form of help on how to mod Millénaire
and in the form of whatever new code might be needed (for new items,
blocks or good productions), though likely not with the buildings and
NPCs themselves. I reserve the right to change anything I might not like
in a culture I'm shipping with the mod itself, but in practice I intend
to leave as much of a free hand as possible to culture
designers.Contribution welcome, it helps make Millénaire a rich game!


Downloads are now available from

Thread for posters to discuss custom building plans in: http://www.minecraft...f=1039&t=253387

Wiki page with adapted texture packs: http://millenaire.or...i/Texture_Packs

Feel like paying me a cider? . Otherwise, I'm always looking for more SugarSync
referrals (similar to DropBox but more generous free quotas). Note
that you have to install the app, not just sign-in online, for me to get
a quota bump.


For more information, help, known bugs, etc., check the new Millénaire Wiki: Feel free to contribute!


Signatures by minami26 - now with dynamic version info:

This mod is Copyright ©(2011) and is my intellectual
property. Only is allowed to host any of my material
without my consent. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Descriptions or
other content on the mod (for example, reviews) are allowed as long as
the download links provided point to this thread or to the Millénaire
Wiki. Works derived from this mod in any significant way, for instance
by re-using the mod's source code, are forbidden without written

You are welcome to PM-me, but I'm unable to reply to
everyone. Vous pouvez m'envoyer un MP, mais je ne peux pas répondre à
tous. आप मुझसे संपर्क कर सकते हैं, लेकिन मैं हर मेल का जवाब नहीं दे

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